A Neighborhood Association of Pine Hill Lake Property Owners

“An association of Pine Hill Lake property owners seeking to educate all users of the lake resource, to support initiatives for the maintenance of clean, productive water in Pine Hill Lake, and for the safe use of the resource we enjoy”


Aerial view of the lakePine Hill Lake is located outside of the village of Horton, Jackson County, Michigan. It is a part of a group of four small lakes, including Pine Hill (19 acres), Rainbow, Farwell (213 acres), and Fox. The lakes are, for the most part, spring fed and they have clean water and good clarity. They provide excellent opportunity for recreational use, including boating and fishing.

Water Quality

Water testingPine Hill and Farwell Lakes are monitored for water quality every year. Results of these tests show the lake to be clean and clear. To assist in maintaining the quality of water in the lake, a sewer system was installed around all of the connected lakes in 2010.

Goose Control

GooseGeese can be beautiful, but they are also dirty and can make a mess of your yard. Therefore, the Association supports and sponsors a Department of Agriculture approved goose roundup each year in June.

Weed Control

MilfoilThe Association also supports Department of Natural Resources approved efforts to control the spread of undesirable weed growth in the lake, including Milfoil and Pondweed. In this effort the lake shoreline is sprayed 3-4 times throughout the summer, with minimal interference in the enjoyment and use of the lake.