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The board of the Pine Hill Lake Property Owner’s Association (PHLPOA) has created this website to serve as a center for information and communication concerning activities and information related to Pine Hill Lake. Our intent is to:

  1. Keep our membership informed of the PHLPOA board activities.
  2. Provide a calendar of events relating to the Association’s annual meeting, spraying activities for weed control, activities related to the goose roundup and information related to water quality testing.
  3. Provide educational information related to lake issues.

If you have ideas to improve the site, or information you would like to see on the site, email the board at Thank you.

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Goose Control Activities

See detailed historical data on goose control »

Each year efforts are made to control the goose population on the lake. The following statements relate to this process:

  1. Permits are required for any goose control activities.
  2. Goose control efforts on the lake require a two-stage process. First, nests and eggs must be removed and destroyed in late April or early May, as required by the USDA and Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which regulate goose control activities. The nest and egg removal efforts must be conducted by a trained person. Secondly, geese are rounded up and removed from the area in mid June. The use of a state-approved contractor is required for this purpose. We have used Goose Busters as our contractors.
  3. In 2019 nine nests and 49 eggs were destroyed. The effort to destroy nest and eggs is required by the USDA for approval of a goose roundup. A total of 30 geese were rounded up and transported out of our immediate area.
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Weed Control Activities

We try diligently to control the spread of weeds in the lake, particularly Native Milfoil.

We are currently contracted with PLM Lake and Land Management for weed control efforts on the lake. We spray each month May – August during a week of the month determined by our contract with PLM. The following comments relate to our weed control efforts:

  1. All chemicals used in the spraying activities are approved for that purpose by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Proper permits are acquired by PLM for treatment purposes.
  2. The lake is treated with a combination of Diquat Dibromide (Tribune) and an adjuvant (Cygnet Plus) for weed control purposes. The chemicals are sprayed inside 50 feet of the shore, where Milfoil beds are observed. You can find more information concerning the chemicals used in the treatment of the lake at:
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Water Quality Testing

Historically we have been testing for E Coli bacteria in the lake, and the results have shown the lake to be clean with low levels of that bacteria.

Other related test results from Farwell Lake, to which we are connected, can be viewed at under “Lake Monitoring”.

Please be sure that you use non-phosphorous fertilizers on your yard, and be sure that landscaping companies caring for your yard do the same.

2019 Sampling Results:

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5604 Acorn Tr48

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